Selina Zero

Fixed Frame Screen | Custom size options up to 400 inches

Blends flawlessly with surrounding décor.

Selina Zero is a projector screen using Carson's zero edge technology. The Selina Zero resembles a gigantic flat-panel television, it blends flawlessly with surrounding décor, giving the screen an aesthetic appeal, even when the image is turned off.

Home Theater

Commercial Cinemas

Boardroom Presentations

Data Projection

Main Featues

  • Frameless, space-saving design
  • Available in custom size options up to 400 inches
  • Universal mounting system hidden and adjustable
  • Projection in brightly lit environments
  • Up to 7 times higher contrast than conventional front screens
  • ISF-certified screen material
  • Compatible with all standard projectors
  • 4K compatible
Format Spec Viewing area(mm)
80" 1771x996
85" 1882x1058
92" 2030*1145
100" 2214x1245
110" 2435x1370
120" 2656x1494
130" 2878x1619
140" 3100x1743
150" 3320x1868
160" 3542x1992
170" 3763x2117
180" 4185x2441
190" 4206x2366
200" 4628x2691
80" 1870x796
85" 1987x845
92" 2150x915
100" 2337x995
110" 2571x1094
120" 2805x1193
130" 3038x1293
140" 3272x1392
150" 3506x1492
160" 3740x1591
170" 3973x1691
180" 4207x1790
190" 4441x1890
200" 4674x1989

The recorded measurements are for general reference only. Please contact Carson Screens to verify product design and dimensions before attempting to integrate its products with any structural or furniture modification. Although a manufacturer may offer product advice, it may be taken or ignored at the integrator’s discretion. Carson Screens will not be held responsible or be otherwise liable for faulty installations.