Powered Projector Lift

Carson's powered projector lift is the ideal way to conceal projectors when they are not in use. Projector Lifts are not only for the office, it can also be use for home theatre, boardroom and conference centres. Projector Lifts can be added to your home in a wall or ceiling cavity to conceal away the projector in your TV or home theatre room when not in use.



Instruction: Scissors structure, more stable (external controller)
Body dimension: 544X544X168mm
Lifting distance: 170-750mm
Recessed height: Projector deep dimension+65mm(when projector lay) / projector deep dimension +170mm(when projector hang)
Building cable: AC power cable
Decorative plate: 574x574mm
Ceiling opening: 580x580mm
Projector Size: Max 390x400mm(when projector lay) / Max 470c530mm (when projector hang)
load: Max 20KG
Control: RS/RF232/485
Option:  IP control