To suite your technical and installation needs Carson projector screens comes in Matte White, Acoustic or 3D (*Selina only).

Matte White

PVC coated based on fiber-glass, white front and black back, maximum W5000mm, the surface is very flat and distributes light over a wide viewing area to ensure a wide viewing angle. It’s one of the most popular used screen surfaces and a good choice for applications where the ambient light is controllable. Colors remain bright and life-like, with no shifts in hue. Flame retardant and mildew resistant.

Viewing angle: 160°
Gain: 1.0


PVC coated based on fiber-glass, pure white, maximum W3000mm,a designed additional black acoustic material is needed when using this fabric.This surface is designed to allow the speakers to be installed behind the screen, and achieve a more realistic soundstage.

Viewing angle: 160°
On-Axis Gain: 0.95
Video Transparency(incl BB layer): 0.5%
Acoustic Transparency: -2.5db (10kHz-20kHz)
Acoustic Transparency (incl BB layer): -2.5db(10kHz-20kHz)

3D Optical

Silver optical surface coated based on PVC, silver front and black back, maximum W3100mm. It is specially made for passive 3D and active 3D use. The material is rollable, gain is at 2.5 washable, mildew resistant.

Viewing angle: 120°
Gain: 2.5+